The aim of the exhibition is to give the opportunity to each of the artists to express their creativity as individuals and as a group, in the hopes of exposing their work to other photographers and the general art loving public.

Though this is a group exhibition, each artist was given absolute complete freedom to arrange the pieces they have chosen to display, in any way they saw fit, expressing their unique photo and artistic viewpoint. The “Negiot” project was created through the combined efforts of all the photographers participating, with the common goal of creating an exciting experience for everyone involved. This joint effort has been truly inspirational of how artists helping and supporting other artists can create something wonderful, where the success of each person involved is the success of the whole group. The exhibition will display the diverse and exciting works of twenty talented photographers coming from different disciplines of photography- creating a beautiful mesh of high quality photography and artistic prowess, that will touch and excite anyone lucky enough to catch of glimpse of it. “negiot 2” is the 2nd time this type of exhibition is being held, the first took place in 2011 and was a huge success.

Time Table: Opening: 1/8/13 at 20:00. 10:00 – 22:00  2-8/8/2013  

Location: “Machsan 2 Namal Yafo” (Jaffa’s Port, the Jaffa salon of arts ) During the week there will be art and photography lectures by the artists and special guests. Avishag Shaar-Yashuv | Ella Uzan | Asher Svidensky | Oren Hayman | Boaz Ben Shlush | Gabi Ben Avraham | Galia Rogner-Cohen | Doron Nissim | Dikla Mizrahi | Yigal Giat | Yell Saccani | Yael Neeman | Nadav Bagim | Nir Geiger | Keren Segev | Sivan Perets | Pini Hamou | Shay Sapir | Shlomi Nissim | Ronen Goldman



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